Sunday, June 29, 2014

Swimming in the sea

I swam in the sea today, well technically a bay, the Chaleur Bay. And it was warm.

I floated in the shallows between the sandbars on a noodle, rising and falling with the gentle undulation of the swells, remembering the dark time a short couple of months ago when neuropathy held me in its grip 24 hours a day.
Now it is mostly under control; I am reminded from time to time during the day with light symptoms.

Today, I walked the beach in my bare toes and flip flops taking in the beauty of the sand and the tide worn stones.
I kayaked, I swam, I floated, the salt water doing wonders. I turned with my back to the shoreline gazing out to the endless horizon.
It felt so wonderful. I still fear the return of the all consuming pain, ever hopeful that I'm on the mend.

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