Saturday, June 21, 2014

Getting away

There is definitely something about getting away from things! We've come to Hampton, NB to visit my son and his fiancé in their new house. We have our own room with a comfortable bed. Their house is sweet.
Today, I relaxed a bit while the men worked on a garden fence.

It really does the body wonders to get away and relax. I still have pain but it has gone down and of course I think about it less.
I took their new puppy, an Auussiedoodle, for a walk. He's such a sweety!

And quite well behaved for a puppy.
I gathered some wildflowers while taking him for a walk. I think a nicely shaped jar makes a great vase.
While the boys work a bit more outside, I sat at the table with puppy curled around my feet while painting in my tiny travel sketchbook.

Oh, and I do always take sleeping pills when traveling. It makes for happy days.
It's all a good prescription for well being.

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