Monday, June 2, 2014

Addison's and taking your cortisone

I've developed a pretty rigid habit for remembering my cortef dose which I take at approximately 7am, 12pm and 5pm.
My watch is set for the afternoon ones. The first thing I do in the morning is get up, make a cup of tea which I drink in bed and I take my first dose of cortef. Today, for some reason I only noticed at noon that I had missed my morning dose.
I took both doses but by 1 pm, I could hardly move my limbs. I stretched out with my I a Pad and a tea until around 3 pm when I felt better.
I'm wondering how others make sure to get their necessary pills. Suffering does go long way in helping to remember!

I did put it ether a little bird bath/ feeder from recycled glass vases and bowls earlier today. Planning to do more.


  1. You were wondering how others remember to take their medication - I have weekly sectioned boxes, each day split into morning, noon, evening and supper. My tablets to take at those times are just popped in the their boxes. I now leave the weekly box on the kitchen bench first thing in the morning and that reminds me for the after breakfast. I also sometimes set the timer on my iPhone which I have found a great help. Even with these measures there are times when I have forgotten and as some of my meds are for cardiac issues it is necessary to take them bang on time!

  2. I do prepare my meds the night before for morning and have them near me and take them before I get up for the day. I then prepare the rest of the days meds and keep this box near by or with me if away from home. I do forget sometimes and feel badly even after taking the missed dose! It does get easier with time as we do sort of set our body clocks to the need for the HC.

  3. When I started working full time, I got into a bad habit of taking doses late. I finally bought a fitbit ( ) and used the silent alarms to remind me to take my pills. I might walk away from my cell phone but I can't walk away from my wrist!

    I must confess, however, I did break the fitbit after heavy use a year later, but I am very harsh on my electronic toys. But I still consider it one of the best methods of making sure I take my medicine on time. If I was even 20-30 minutes late on my cortef, my body felt it.