Wednesday, June 11, 2014

A Strained ligament

A frustrating thing with fibromyalgia is that you can go about your normal exercise routine and without feeling a thing at the time, do serious injury.
For me, walking, biking, and exploring the outdoors is key for my mental attitude, my physical well being, and my struggle with weight. I'm sure many of you know exactly what I mean and understand that it's a struggle.
Hypothyroidism often comes with weight gain. Then several of the pills that I take have weight gain as side effects. But it's not just the weight, I love to be outside and moving. The gardening has made me scarcely able to move although I've been careful and used as many ergonomic aids as possible, limiting time spent as well.
This is a tiny garden space around my apple tree which I wrote about on my other blog. I put together the glass mushroom from thrift store glass, putting a solar light inside.

Somehow, in the last couple of weeks I have seriously strained a ligament around my knee. After a short bike ride with some yoga last night( it felt so good) I can barely walk this morning.
I took advantage of skipping my yoga class and chopped up my rhubarb which I had picked the other day. The rhubarb drying on the towel I froze. I made rhubarb walnut loaves with the rest.

I'll continue icing, resting, and easing off the exercise, but I must keep going.
How do you cope?

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  1. How do you cope? Well, sometimes I cope well, other times not so well.
    I try to not push too many things into my day - I try to rest fora short time after lunch which recharges my batteries a little. Walking was great as was spending time in my garden both those are more or less off the agenda presently. Spending time on my quilting is so very therapeutic, I can forget chronic illness and pain - until I drop something on the floor and have to try and get down and retrieve it! Actually starting up my blog has been so very, very good for me "meeting" so many other quilters and fibre artists. Try to deal with stress before I go downhill. Listen to music. I guess we all have our own ways to coping. I love cooking and especially baking for family - subject of baking - your rhubarb and walnut loaves sound delicious, you wouldn't feel like giving the recipe would you?