Thursday, October 30, 2014

Cortisone shot

A few of weeks ago I got a cortisone shot into my left hip joint at the hospital in radiology. During the first week I didn't see a huge improvement but after about 10 days, I noticed a bit more. It's nit great, I still can't walk far or fast but I can get out more than I could, say around the block with poles or a small trail walk.

I've noticed that there is more flexibility in the joint making some yoga moves better. I've been able to return to the yoga class.

Tomorrow, I want to try swimming as I wasn't even able to do that.



Thursday, October 2, 2014

Gathering leaves

My family doctor has finally returned. I met with her yesterday and we went over everything that's been happening. She read my X-rays for me and suggested I try Tylenol arthritis in the daytime. It seems to help some. I'm determined to get back out for some walk.

I've done some slow and short ones, coming home with pockets filled with leaves to sketch. Fall is such an invigorating time of year. I like to walk, enjoying all the senses, the crispy air, the beautiful colours. I breathe slowly and deeply. Oh, it's good to get out.