Saturday, July 12, 2014

Walking the sandbars and my collections

For the moment everything is in balance. I'm staying on all the medications, even though I don't like it, and all is good.
This morning, I took a little drive out to the Beresford market, feeling very summery, almost touristy. I donned my straw sun hat, shorts, and a cool cotton blouse, gathered up a basket and off I went. I used to have a rule that I would only wear shorts around the yard, or on vacation. I've gotten over that!
I bought a Frech country bread with cranberries, a quart of fresh local strawberries, and garlic greens which I'd not seen before.

I'm told to cook with them and add them to stir fries.
Since my mother in law is just around the corner at the beach, I popped in for a visit. I was lucky that it was low tide. We went for a little walk on the sandbars and waded through the warm pools. Of course I left my phone/ camera in the cottage.
I did bring a few treasures home to use as subjects in my sketches. I laid down a first wash of color and left it for now as even though the air conditioner is on, I'm sweating. Going to take a break.

These simple little indulgent pleasures keep me happy and serene, making me forget anything else.
An email from my son to tell me about a tree purchase they just made for their new home and a picture on Facebook of my daughter doing what she loves made me happy. Better than any medication.

She did a 'Color run'.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Dealing with nagging neuropathy, cranberry muffins

A couple of days ago I decided to see if I really needed to take the 25 mg of Elevil at bedtime, so I stopped it. I've found out that it really doesn't seem to affect my sleep at all. However, I have noticed a remarkable increase in the daytime itchiness, burning and tingling.
Last night. I took a half pill; again no affect on sleep but I'm still having the increased symptoms. Looks like I'll have to go back to my regular dose.
Taking all this medication gets me down, but so does the neuropathy. I guess I'll have to choose the lesser of two evils for now.
One thing that helps is to keep busy. I especially enjoy making healthy and colourful meals.

These are one of my go to recipes. Granola rhubarb muffins-- I used cranberries since I just made a rhubarb crumble yesterday.