Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Gabapentin for neuropathy

I'm still taking a large dose of gabapentin for my neuropathy. I still remain hopeful that it might get better someday and I'll be able to get off it although the groggy side effects have worn off at least.
It really does help for me to stay busy as it takes my mind off the symptoms that are not completely eased by the medication. I still have some tingling, burning and itching at a moderate level. Doing something physical really helps. My husband doesn't like me to mow the lawn, but I insisted the other night that I really needed to do it. I couldn't sit still all evening!
Keeping busy during the day with my gardens and artwork help too.

I'd like to be able to sit and read a little more often. Depending on symptoms, sometimes I can't relax enough to do it.
I can only relate it to having a feeling of ants crawling allover and I have to move even though I'm tired. At night to sit and watch TV before bed, I have to add Tylenol or Benedryl into the mix.
I'm doing what I can and need to go about my day and do most of the things I love. For this I am thankful at least.

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