Sunday, June 8, 2014

A little trip to help me out of my rut

I haven't driven out of town anywhere by myself in the last couple of years. Recently, I've been trying to get used to 2 new medications, gabapentin and elevil, to help with the neuropathy. I really hated taking them at first due to the side effects. I was in a haze and still they didn't seem to be working. Finally, after months, my brain cleared and the pain is at a bearable level.
I went to Prince Edward Island over the weekend to stay with my daughter who just started university there.
Wow, I really had such fun! And managed to take all my pills at the right time without it being tiresome.
We spent a lovely weekend together, lots of shopping and visiting my family. She took me to an opening of a very beautiful restaurant and art gallery with the most beautiful gardens I've ever seen!
If you have time go, look at some of their pictures.

The Dines

It really does take a little excursion out of town to make one see how much of a rut one can be in. I made it, I had fun, I spent time with my daughter, I was happy!
When I drove up into my driveway, I was greeted by a backyard in full bloom. I was so afraid I would miss it. My apple tree is at its peak.

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  1. Pleased to read that you feel somewhat more used to your needs now, and enjoyed your visit to your daughter. I have just been looking at the wonderful photos of gardens on your nature/art blog, beautiful!