Friday, May 30, 2014

Walking the Beach

I came home after my standing Friday lunch date with my friends and I was feeling the tingling all over,  another manifestation of the neuropathy. It's not super painful at the level I have it with medication; however, it is very uncomfortable. When I get it, I have to get moving, so I went to the beach for a walk. It was sprinkling rain when I got there, but I sat there and watched the water until it stopped.
I can never leave the beach or the woods without something in my pockets and today was no different. The little piece of driftwood caught my eye because it reminded me of a submarine. The white shell is not one I've seen much around here. it looks like angel wings.
I've often collected seaweed and done watercolor studies. This one attached to the rock interested me.
Afterwards, I met my husband at the golf course for supper and we sat idly and chatted. It was pleasant--a nice distraction.

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