Monday, May 26, 2014

Letting go and trying the Bowen Method

I read once that life is a continual process of letting go and it struck me as being quite true. There is sadness and some grieving as we age as we let go of the people and things in our life. We must let go of certain physical abilities that we had when younger. It is even more poignant when it involves dealing daily with a chronic illness. I think as part of the grieving process, one must also allow for the hope of new things to come. One never knows what might be around the corner.
I have also read that to experience joy, one must dwell not in the past, strive not for the future but remain in the present. This is not easy but it is advice that I try to follow as best I can.
I am always reading, researching, looking for ways to better my health. One thing that I just came across is the Bowen massage method for pain management. I found a local practitioner and tried it last week. It definitely doesn't resemble a true massage as the touch is very light, actually barely there. I am suffering from a debilitating small fiber neuropathy and was willing to give it a try.
The day after, I felt immediate relief. Was it due to the treatment or due to a new medication that I had started a few days earlier? I'm not sure but I am going for one more treatment.
Today, I'm trying to stay healthy by eating well, doing some yoga, and spending time in my sewing studio.
For supper, I'm making a macaroni and cheese to which I will add mashed butternut squash and cooked kale.

I chopped and added the kale to cook with the pasta.

Later this afternoon, I will stir the mashed squash into the the cheese sauce when I make it. I make a basic white sauce using low fat milk to which I add grated lower fat cheddar.

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