Tuesday, April 19, 2016

A whole year of sliding downhill

i started this blog as a way to pass on what was happening to me, network and maybe learn a few things. Unfortunately every improvement came with two more slides. I finally got onto the sit on bikes and some Bowflex. It was going better, bow the shoulder.
Gentle watersize is helping me too.
I've been diagnosed with sever osteoarthritis, I use a cane, I've been through numerous tests and a knee surgery.
I have a bulging disc in the lower back, I'm on the waiting list for a hip and will need a knee in about two years. My finger and toe joints are done which is hampering my artwork.
To add insult just when I thought things were getting better, my right shoulder started. And now I'm waiting for another MRI. Today, I lost balance while collapsing into a chair putting the weight on the shoulder and rely hurting it. It's been a day, a car ride with ice bags. I'm overnight in another city waiting for sinus surgery in the morning. Wha are the odds!
Hubby is snoring and I'm trying to get sleepy..
I m having polyps removed and should be home tomorrow, I hope. I rewarded myself with a bit of fabric. Hope I'll get back to my sewing soon.
Severe shoulder pain is keeping me awake.
I don't mind telling my setbacks but like to give some positive hells. Right now none. I did buy quilting fabric though. That was a boost!
Hoping for a better day tomorrow and I'll pass on some better tips to survival uber such stressing losses. For every loss there has to be a gain.

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