Monday, September 1, 2014

Seated workouts

Up until this summer, walking, bicycling , kayaking and snowshoeing have been good stress relievers for me besides giving me a cardio workout. A knee injury and osteoarthritis in my hip have conspired to keep me from my normal activities. I can kayak when the weather is good and provided I have someone to help get the kayak to and from the water.
I can now bike on the flat in an easy gear for short intervals. It's not cardio but I'm getting out.
While looking for some seated exercises, I came across this site:

There are cardio workouts, toning, core and weight workouts for anyone who has mobility issues. Of course, ask your doctor and proceed at your own pace. I did the 11 minute cardio the first time and was surprisingly sore the next day.

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  1. Just hopped over to the link you gave - brilliant! I just tried out a couple of minutes sitting by the computer and can see it would be good. I'll bookmark this and try the full 11 minute later in the day. Thanks for posting.